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Smart Clothespin

This was my graduation project: I built a smart clothespin that notifies the user when the laundry is dry or when rain is comming.

Albert van der Meer 2016-07-07 00:00:00

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Graduation Project: Smart Clothespin


For my graduation project I developed a Smart Clothespin: a clothespin that is aware of its weather circumstances and that can sense whether the laundry it holds is dry. When it senses rain or other kinds of bad weather, it alarms the user through a push notification to a smartphone.



I did research on various topics concerning this device: methods for detecting the dryness of laundry and for detecting bad weather. From there, I did various experiments for determining the best method for sensing the moisture in laundry. Meanwhile, I kept an eye on the required user experiences in order to keep the threshold as low a possible.


The final prototype consists of three parts: the actual device (the clothespin), a cloud service and a smartphone application.


the Facts

type Graduation Project Creative Technology
built for InterOne GmbH
owner Albert
state finished (since July 2016)

Smart Clothespin v2

When I showed the first version of my graduation project (smart clothespin v1) to the client company, they asked me to build a second clothespin - we both want a working device. So I built a second clothespin. I challenged myself a little and decided to design a PCB with Eagle and print it in the VS at OSHPark. They are cheap and as a bonus: their pcbs are purple!


The result