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In collaboration with Comyoo I worked on Levenskracht: An interactive webapplication for taking a questionaire concerning home care.

Albert van der Meer 2015-12-31 00:00:00

Levenskracht, Web & App Development,



With Levenskracht, dutch municipalities are able to retrieve an extensive picture of a home care client. Basically, the application is an interactive survey. In collaboration with Comyoo I worked on the application used in the pilot: a web-application driven by AngularJS. The Laravel framework was used for the backend/server. As lead developer I was concerned with both development of the back - and frontend.

For more info: read the case at the Comyoo website or check the levenskracht website.

the Facts

Collaboration with Comyoo | Interactive Media
state finished (2015)
method Laravel, AngularJS
role Lead developer