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Hackathon: EmotionColor

Hacking Health Utrecht 2017 hackathon project that explores the possibilities of using brainwaves to detect an emotion - and communicate this using colors.

Albert van der Meer 2017-05-21 00:00:00

Hackathon: EmotionColor, Internet of Things, Electronics,

EmotionColor: 2nd price Dutch Health Hackathon

In short

For the Dutch Hacking Health Utrecht 2017 hackathon I teamed up with the EmotionColor group, that set their goal on improving social interaction for people that have a hard time to express their emotion. The idea: use colors to communicate your emotion. Man can easily think of solutions to make colors visible, but is it possible to using technology for automatically detect your emotion? During this hackathon we explored the possibilities of detecting emotion using brainwaves with the Muse.

The result

After 2 days brainstorming and tinkering we came up with a prototype: a bracelet of which its color is controlled by brainwaves.

The technology

The muse sends its detected brainwave-information via bluetooth to a NodeJS server (There is a npm package for the Muse!). The server chooses the most relevant brainwave and determines a color based on its value. Then, a command containing the color-code is sent to the bracelet over WiFi. Yes, the bracelet is wireless!


The prototype did it's job. However, the jury was already convinced by just the idea of communicating emotions with colors. We received the price for the Best Human Centered Design, and ended on the second place in the same category of the national hacking health competition .

the Facts

Built for Dutch Hachking Health Utrecht 2017
state finished (2017)
Technology Muse brainwave sensor, NodeJS, ESP8266


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