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Een trein slechts 1 km/h laten rijden in de wasstraat. Dat is de uitdaging!
Appietaria is an application for Happietaria Enschede 2017 (a charity pop-up restaurant) for creating awareness among its visitors using gamification.
research & development project
A Raspberry Pi dashboard running on NodeJS with socket.io; It receives updates triggered by GPIO events.
The website for Nationaal Trainingscentrum BeveiligingsBranche (NTBB).
Website for Stichting Hulp Tsjernobylkinderen Zwolle.
This was my graduation project: I built a smart clothespin that notifies the user when the laundry is dry or when rain is comming.
A box with a self-locking mechanism; it can only be opened by entering a password on its website.
In collaboration with Comyoo I worked on Levenskracht: An interactive webapplication for taking a questionaire concerning home care.
An illuminating pocket square, controlled via bluetooth: a gadget to steal the show.